Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Truth and Lies

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Wounded lover hearing lies and wanting truth!
Love will win if spoken from the heart.
Enemy of our soul is the chief liar, the first one.
Arrows of pain strike their mark!

Swell and fill the void where lies have touched my soul,
I welcome love to enter and remain,
Lies cannot stay and they will not prevail,
The gentle Holy Spirit refreshes with His rain!

image courtesy

This poem was Inspired from a Sestina poem by “Anna” on Path of Treasure on
Do view her site and notice the format for the Sestina, which Anna Gives there.

I must learn more about these types of poety one of these days!


  1. Well now I know where your daughter got it! Nice job! You have a tremendous amount of talent in your family.

  2. I enjoyed your poem, Hazel. Thank you for your referral to my poem and blog. Blessings on your day! :)

  3. Hazel,
    Thank you for this poem. We all need to remember where the lies come from.


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