Saturday, July 2, 2011

Annual Check up

While visiting my youngest daughter she asked how Grandma was doing.  I replied, "Well she is slowing down but you never know, I might go before she does."

My daughter gruffly spoke up and said to me - - - “Take that back, mother, take that back right now.”

I could see from the glare in her eyes that she was serious. I knew that words can open doors that you wish were not opened. I quickly said, yes, I am sorry and I do take it back -- and I made a declaration, "I shall live and not die."

My daughter then spoke to me about life and death is in the power of the tongue and the power of words and how we should be careful what we say

I knew she was right and I determined to set a new watch before my mouth.

I went home and soon after I was scheduled to have my annual physical at my HMO.  The Dr said, I am going to refer you to Woman's Health because it has been some time since you had an appointment in that department.

Dutifully I made the appointment and several weeks later I showed up for the exam. The Doctor did the usual exam and found a sore spot under my arm that I did not know was there.  He asked me to go for a mammogram and also he would schedule an ultra sound.  He said that he suspected a mass and wanted to be sure.

A few days later on a Thursday I received a phone call to come in for the ultra sound the next Monday.

Well I had all week end to keep my mind off the sore spot and not think about anything bad.

I wondered if I had opened a door for trouble. NO I had repented quickly and took all my negative words back.  I tried not to think what it might be.

Finally on Sunday, I was praying and I told the Lord, “If it is something that should not be there, I will just take authority over it and tell it to leave.”

Then the Lord spoke to me: He said, "Hazel there is nothing there." I said, "OH, thank you Jesus."

Well we went the next day for the ultra sound and I showed the technician where the sore spot was so she could get a good test. Soon she came back and her words were, "There is nothing there." Neither the mammogram or the ultra sound showed anything that should not be there.

As we left my husband asked me how did it go? I told him what the Lord had said to me and he said, "Yes, I knew that would be it -- nothing.

Isn't God Good?


  1. Yes, good and Faithful

  2. Wow! My heart felt so blessed reading this! Thank you for sharing!

    Yes, you will live a long and healthy life! ;) I pray and declare that, in Jesus' name!


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