Monday, September 10, 2012

Remembering 9/11



(Repost as we remember 9/11)
Help my Unforgiveness
Lord I believe, Help thou my unbelief!
These words were sincere as the man spoke,
He had asked Jesus for a miracle to spare his child,
His words came with expectation and with hope

Oh Lord today we remember the devastation
Caused by those who thrive on terror
Hate nourished their very thoughts and minds
They were void of even considering their error.

We grieve those who were lost in the rubble,
Children, men, and women, all innocent of this deed,
Our sorrow knows no bounds as we moan our loss,
Why, why would men be so vile? What was their need?

I cannot find it in my heart to forgive those terrible men,
From their souls came seeds of destruction they have sown.
Lord, help me to draw upon your forgiveness,
Because I have nothing left to forgive on my own.

Give me peace where there is none, and bring me grace,
Let me understand how you are able to forgive,
Even these awful men who sinned against you,
Teach me Lord show me your heart and the way to live.

When you breathed your last, I know it was for all,
Did you love those who hated you even as you died?
And still the miserable sinners who devise wickedness?
Did you have me and them in mind when you gave your life?

I must pray when I do not feel the energy to do so,
I pray for those who lost family, and those who survived.
Lord Help my unbelief, help my un-forgiveness,
Teach me to forgive as you have shown us by your life.

Hazel Moon 09/11/2011

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Diane Ronzino said...

Wow, Hazel....

Written from a pure heart. The words could have been penned by any of us. Beautiful!

Floyd said...

Thanks for your honesty Hazel. I too struggle to forgive those who inflict intended harm on my friends, loved ones, and country. In my daily thoughts and actions, I need forgiveness from my Father... we all fall so far short of His perfection...

The lost and selfish serve their master... Father please give us the strength to serve you faithfully.

Moving post Hazel. Thanks. When words written send me to prayer; mission accomplished.

caryjo said...

The amazing part to me has always been that the plane "stealer" died right along with everyone else. Some of ours went straight to the Lord... and the killers discovered they had been lied to for so long they had sacrificed themselves with no result.

Such a hard overall event... both/all sides.

Bless you for sharing.