Saturday, September 1, 2012

Grief, Anger and Pain

Broken courtesy
 Can I be healed from the hurt that gives my body such pain? 
Fear, Shock, Grief, Disappointment, Anger which is it and what was it?  Could it be Wild imaginations, Depression, Melancholy, Feelings of Unworthiness, and Shame.  What causes Brokenness ?
Ecclesiastes  11:10  So, remove grief and anger from your heart and put away pain from your body, because childhood and the prime of life are fleeting.
This verse indicates that grief and anger will cause pain in your body.
Somewhere back in time, there was an incident that caused anger and grief and it was held in place and nurtured.   Oh how we enjoy reaching back in our memory and pulling it forward again while kissing it gently.  The thoughts bring tears, and we weep yet again and grieve some more over the past.  Oh how delicious this moment is.
There is a certain amount of pleasure in holding on to a hurt whether it was a word spoken in haste, a betrayal, or physical or sexual abuse.  One of the worse harms done to us is when someone shouts at us and tells us how they hate and despise us, and they tell us that we will never amount to anything.
What can remove those hurts and fears and the anger and grief that plague us?
Let us consider for a moment how we come to Jesus to have our personal sins washed away.  We ask forgiveness and He cleans us up.  He does not blame, or accuse, he simply forgives.
In the same manner, we must forgive the person who sinned against us.  I am not saying that we must become best friends, but forgiveness must be released towards them.
You may need to ask for divine help to be able to forgive, and if this is the case, do ask for help.  In your mind, see the person, and say as if speaking to them, the words, “I forgive you, and I release you from this incident of pain that you caused me. “
I would NOT suggest that you come face to face with the person, but if you must, then do so.  However many times the person has forgotten the whole thing, and going to them will only stir up a hornets next.  You are the one who is in pain and need healing.
Many hurts can be healed in your prayer closet as you give them over to the Lord, with a forgiving attitude.
So many today claim to be broken and suffering.  Jesus came to heal the broken hearted and he does not want us to stay crushed in that way.   
If you are one of these broken ones, may I suggest that you return to the top of this post and read it again . . . then follow your heart. 
You already know what you must do!


Aritha said...

Thank you for this advice! An informative blog. Learning to forgive is God's work. And you learn it at His feet. But it is sometimes difficult.

Floyd said...

It's amazing how good our memories can be about some things. The greif and pain take an untold toll on our bodies from the inside out. Only God can change the ones who inflict pain on others and sometimes we even do it without knowing. How often have we needed forgiveness when we wanted justice? I think many people walk around and never stop to realize the baggage they carry, they need to hear the truth - like this truth today.