Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Odd Commandment

Thou Shalt Not Covet

Gleaning today from Pastor Jerry’s sermon as he read from James 3:13-18, 4:3, 7, 8

We know about the ten commandment’s which we understand the first 4 are living for God, and the next 6 are living with each other. 

The tenth is the odd one; Do not covet, and it is about lusting after things - - and the “I want” syndrome.

James 3:16   For where envy and self-seeking exist, confusion and every evil thing are there.

Small children early learn to establish what is theirs!  MINE they say.  If they think it is mine, it is mine.  “Finder’s keepers,” next follow the conflicts and disputes.

The first 9 commandments are very clear but the 10th is not so clear.  We want what we see and desire.   Temptation is within the heart, and not necessarily what God wants.

Early in life babies learn three words. Usually the first word learned is Mama as they recognize their mother, then the word NO is popular, as they learn to respect the word, and then to use it to assert their own stubborn will.  Lastly the word; “Mine.” A young child determines that everything they want is theirs.  I Want - - it is mine.

As we grow older warnings are not heeded and our will is often asserted over the will of God.   Lust and desire bring coveting and greed, along with it confusion and chaos.

WE WANT  !! 

The simple diagnosis is to want the things that God wants, and this brings peace and avoids conflict.

It is obvious when there is a pebble in our shoe that we must stop and remove it to prevent problems further down the road.

Today if God seems far away, the simple answer is to return, to go back to the place where you once felt him.

Sing hymns, pray with others, and stop and listen to the Holy Spirit.

Could it be this simple?  The answer is yes, but yes isn’t always easy.  It often is a life time struggle because our lives get so full of junk. 

Allow God to reveal the rubbish and to remove it.  Why keep it as it is worthless.

There are no magic answers, just a simple one - - to chose God’s way, for peace and harmony will follow.

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Judith said...

Hazel, this is so true and something I needed to hear in an abstract way. As adults, it may not be toys that we want but something just may not work out our way. It is always important to surrender our will no matter what our age.

Thanks for stopping by WholeHearted Home and because you dropped 'in', I just had to stop over to 'meet' you. Glad I did!!