Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I AM NOT GOD! Repost from 04/20/11


God on His Throne
Yes, it is difficult being God.  I must stop trying to be Him.

Getting down off the throne and allowing him to reign from there is not as much fun, but after all, He can do a much better job than we can.

God reads our hearts, our thoughts, and those of our friends and loved ones.  He knows where they are with Him, and our judgment of how we would change them, is useless.

Our part is to pray while we minister before the Lord, and allow God to be God.

Think about it!  We only have a portion of the story before us.  If we knew how the chronicle ends, we might stop worrying and fretting for now. 

I have heard it said, that when we get to heaven, we will be surprised to find some there that we had no idea of their trust in the Lord. 

AND - - we will look for others who we thought surely they will be there, and they will be - - no where to be found! 
Now that is a sobering thought.

The best scenario is to keep our own feet firmly planted on the rock, taking care of our own business and keeping our nose (for the most part) out of other peoples business.

Allow God to be God!  And be thankful that you are, Not the Holy Ghost, for it is a full time job, much too big for any of us mere mortals.

Romans 14:13  Let us not therefore judge one another any more: but judge this rather, that no man put a stumbling block or an occasion to fall in his brother's way.

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Jennifer @ said...

Great insights, Hazel. Thank you for sharing. I'm with you: Let God be God!

Floyd said...

AMEN! Sister! We all fall into the trap exactly like Eve did... We want to be God, but only God is God... We are the created... not the Creator! Excellent reminder my friend...

Diane said...

Great, Hazel! Short and to the point! Great message!

Wendy @ E-1-A said...


Sheila said...

Such a pressure-reliever!