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How to create an Acceptable Address Title for a Blog Hop

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How to create an acceptable address Title for entry to a Blog Hop

If you are new to blogging or perhaps you have never entered a Blog Hop, let me tell you it is fun, but here are some simple hints to help make your post entry smooth.

Oh yes, copy and paste this post to a word document for future reference.

What you do to enter a Blog Hop.

On the time of your new entry - - -

1. Post your blog and give it a title. Now you are ready for step two
2. Your blog post needs an address link that will always go to this particular blog.

On your blog home page where you have your new post, left click on the title of your post.

3. In the top of your page notice the address box, you will see an address that currently adds more to your original blog address and it is now a direction to THIS particular post.
Go to this new address in the address box, Right click and copy it.

It will look something like this: Your.blog.spot.com/2012/03/title-my-new-post-for-the-day

4. Step four is to go to the Blog Hop site:  (I use my new Blog Party for an example:   http://letmetelluastory.blogspot.com/

5. Scroll down to where you enter your post.
6. Put in the title of your post in the proper box.
7. Paste your address that is still saved into the URL box.

Now anyone can come to the Blog Party site and view your post, no matter what else you post to your blog.

This address you copied is unique to only this post. Your viewers can also see your menu and any message about joining your blog.

By the way, when you are in the Blog Party site, go to favorites and create a folder and make it say “Blogs to follow” and save this site for future reference.

Doing this will give you more exposure and will bless many people.

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