Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Hearts for Old

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Jeremiah 31:31-34 The Message Bible

31-32"That's right. The time is coming when I will make a brand-new covenant with Israel and Judah. It won't be a repeat of the covenant I made with their ancestors when I took their hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt. They broke that covenant even though I did my part as their Master." God's Decree.

33-34"This is the brand-new covenant that I will make with Israel when the time comes. I will put my law within them—write it on their hearts!—and be their God. And they will be my people. They will no longer go around setting up schools to teach each other about God. They'll know me firsthand, the dull and the bright, the smart and the slow. I'll wipe the slate clean for each of them. I'll forget they ever sinned!" God's Decree.

Sunday’s service was again ministered by our guest Pastor Jerry. I will give high lights from his message as he spoke about the Old and the New Covenants.

People use the expression, “Bless your heart,” and it means a term of endearment, and is not referring to the physical organ that beats in our chest.

In the Scriptures the word heart also refers to our Spirit. God writes his new covenant on our minds as well as our heart, but we do not know God with our mind. The personal experience of receiving a “New Heart,” is in our Spirit.

It is when we believe that Jesus died (as we will soon celebrate,) that he was buried and raised again that glad Easter Morning, and ask him to enter our life, and give us that new heart that we are converted.

The heart change happens immediately, but often our mind, will and emotions take a bit longer to catch up with what God has done for us inwardly.

The Bible tells us that the natural man’s “heart” is corrupt and full of foolishness. The people of old were not able to keep the Law, and they were often carried off into exile when they forgot to worship and serve the Lord God.

Being a good person by obeying the law is a problem and is difficult to do. There was no unction or inspiration in the old covenant to cause us to be a good person.

A change was needed, thus the New Covenant was written with the Blood of our Savior and was inscribed in our heart. The New Covenant comes with Power to be a Christian.

Our spirit is changed, and our thinking, must also be changed. That is why it is important to feed on God’s Word and communicate with him in prayer. Our mind, will, and emotions are in need of a change and the Word of God washes us.

One thing we know is that God will NEVER change, and He keeps on loving us and forgiving us and working with us to help us live according to His plan for our lives.

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  1. I am so thankful that He is unchanging... and even more thankful that He is so patient with me in this journey... Love what you shared here!

  2. Hi Hazel :-) Your post is most appropriate for this Lenten season. It encourages me to examine myself to make the necessary changes to grow more in my faith and draw closer to God.

    "One thing we know is that God will NEVER change, and He keeps on loving us and forgiving us and working with us to help us live according to His plan for our lives." Thank you for reminding me of this. :-)

    Take care and God bless, Hazel :-)

  3. The mind is slow to follow sometimes and it is influenced by our flesh. A good reminder to seek Him daily, there is nothing else...

  4. For me, the heart is a symbol of the will. The law written on our hearts allows us to choose His ways, always. But, of course, it remains our choice.

  5. I love those Old Testament promises of new hearts and new spirits. Love it. Thank you for reminding me of it again.

  6. His kindness and patience towards me when it took me so long to break free from the sinful patterns still fills my heart with appreciation and love for Him. I thought He'd beat me and nail me every time I failed to do what was expected of my Christianity, but He didn't. He didn't say it was OK, but He took time to draw me into new lifestyle and new mind and heart. I am MUCH different now. Still need to be on track and not take anything for granted, but it's far less spiritually scary. So grateful for my Father.


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