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Potty Accidents Will Happen

First Grade Girl
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I hadn’t thought of this event in my early life for years until a friend sent me an e-mail after she read my post on Potty Training with Success.   Here follows her e-mail to me.

I'm writing to let you know that we posted an article, "10 Ways to Cover Up When a Child Has a Potty Accident" .  ( I just thought I'd share it with you in case you thought it would appeal to your readers.   

 Unplanned, and certainly unwanted, but potty accidents do happen. However if you have prepared items on hand they will come in very “handy.”

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Understand that as a first grader, I was very shy and always attempted to please my teachers. I took her words at face value and respected her authority.

One day, the teacher made an announcement; “No one else may be excused to go to the bathroom until the last person who was excused returns back to class.”

Now normally that would be a good rule - - but not that day. The person who had left to do their business was taking a very long time, and the clock was ticking slowly, and it was important for me that they hurry back soon - - and very soon.

Because I knew that one of my class mates was out there already; I did not believe that it was possible for me to request to be excused. I knew the rule and my thought was that it was unbending - - with no exceptions.

All of a sudden time was past waiting - - and wait was no longer an option - - and I could not help it - - but a very bad and messy accident occurred.

Almost in tears, I approached my teacher and said, “Please may I be excused to go to the bathroom?”

My teacher’s eyes opened wide as saucers, because she knew she had better let me go.

Arriving at the bath room, and as best I could for a six year old, I cleaned myself up, stuffed my panties with paper towels and returned to class.

Once back in class - - I declared to the teacher that I needed to go home. It was almost lunch time, and she remembered that I always walked home for lunch. Realizing the circumstances she allowed me to take off a few minutes early.

Quickly I left the school, and ran the entire way home - - to my mother.

My mother received me with sympathy, and comforted me as she cleaned me up. She lovingly helped me change my clothing, and soon I was once again presentable enough to return to class after the hour lunch was over. Nothing was ever said by my teacher because she knew how sensitive I was then, and still am about some things.

In life I am reminded that no matter how big a mess we have made of our selves, God is able to comfort us and to clean us up so that we become presentable again. God is ready to forgive, and actually forget about our past, and create in us a clean heart.

Aren’t you Glad that God is always there with open arms waiting for us to run home?

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  1. What a blessing He is always there with open arms, and sends people to us in our lives with kind and compassionate hearts too! :)

    Sweet story!

    Blessings Hazel!

  2. Great message. Yes, I'm so glad for His comfort. Accidents happen.

  3. My early childhood accident is much messier... if you know what I mean...

    God is always there, and we're always in need. What a comfort we have in Him.

  4. "Oh Piddle-dee! I was a lot like you in that I believed whatever the teacher said was law . . . oh dear...."
    Love, Nancy

  5. So glad your teacher understood what was going on and gave you permission. And your mother's dear-ness. It's people like that that can lead us to understand Him.


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