Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lucky Guess - Not

The Check is in the Mail
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When we lived in the Bay Area, our Women’s Ministries from our surrounding churches would all cooperate in a monthly general meeting at one of the local churches.

It was always an exciting day, with a guest missionary speaker, and lunch served afterwards.

One such meeting, our President announced that one of the Young couples who were pastors of a new Home Missions church had just birthed their first child, and they could use some financial assistance. Those interested in helping the couple were to take a card with their address on it, from the lunch table.

Out of habit, I took one of the cards, and that evening I penned a note with a congratulation card for your new baby. Inside I slipped a check and noted: for: “where needed most.”

As I was making out the check, I viewed my bank balance, and made a decision to not just send the $25 that I first had in mind, but I would send $27.89 which would bring my balance in my register to a neat even 00.00 for at least the last four figures.

Off went my “Welcome to the New Baby,” card in the mail the next morning.

A few days later, I received a cheerful thank you note.

The Pastor’s wife was overjoyed to let me know that when she left the hospital there was a small balance due. Would you believe that the balance they needed to pay their bill was exactly $27.89 the amount of my gift?

God is so amazing, and I am a firm believer that things do NOT just happen. Even in the smallest details Our Lord works out His wonders to perform.

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  1. Gasp!

    Oh. My. Hazel, this is PERFECT! God is so amazing. God-bumps here!

  2. Hazel! this has me tearing up. It's the perfect example of abundance, and wow! I'd love it if you'd share this on my blog hop, too. I really hop you'll join us.
    Paula at Welcoming Spirit

  3. Wow! I love to hear things like that. The miracles that we take for granted that are all around us everyday. Thanks for your obedient heart. God has blessed you for it and has used you to spread those blessings to us. Thanks Hazel. This small thing is BIG!

  4. Hi Hazel - God is amazing and how can anyone doubt that there is a God when things like that happen. Exact amounts!!! Wonderful and awesome is He. Thanks for linking up Hazel. I love seeing you there.
    God bless

  5. That is an awesome story. God is so good. :)


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