Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sleep Over Secrets

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It was the middle of the night and my friend’s mother was walking me the half block back to my home.

My girl friend and I were in the first grade and were best friends.  Rae-Ra lived down the block from me and it was my first sleep over.  However something bad happened and I wanted to go home. 

Because my house was locked up at night, I rang the door bell. Mother answered and asked me, “What’s the matter?

With tears, I gushed out, “Rae-Ra wet the bed and I am not staying overnight with her anymore.”

Mother hid a smile, and asked me if I needed to change my pajamas, and I said, “Yes I think so.” She thanked Rae-Ra’s mother for walking me home, and shut the door.

How our family escaped from the nightly bed wetting, I am not certain, but that curse was not a part of my growing up. Now my cousins, on the other hand, and others I knew were not this fortunate.

My Uncle had tried everything for his two children, from no drink of water before bed time, to setting the alarm at midnight, but to no avail.

Some suggestions that my Uncle never tried, were to give each child a spoon of honey before bedtime, to only offer milk for breakfast and lunch, and no milk after school until the next morning. Another friend told him a chiropractor would help. Some swear by these ideas and say they worked for their family.

There are secrets in families and personal secrets that we wish no one else would ever discover.

I seldom had any secrets, but when I did, one thing for certain was to never tell my sister!! Zelma by no means could ever keep a secret, and for sure her words would reach to Mother before I turned around twice.

There are a lot of things God knows about me that I wouldn't want anyone else to know. God has enough on me to bury me! But you will never know any of it because God won't tell.

Telling all my secrets to Jesus became my safeguard. Kneeling at His feet was a place where I could safely unburden all that was bothering me, knowing there would not be any recourse or condemnation.

There are some heart aches, and troubles we would rather not talk about with our friends, but we can always go to Jesus and cast our cares on Him, because He cares for us.

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  1. "Yes, HE knows much! Loved this Hazel, thank you"
    Vicki K.

  2. One of our family secrets was my older brother wet the bed too... When our oldest brother discovered the fact by accidentally leaning back to support himself. Guess who got the blame being the youngest? It's rough being the youngest sometimes...

    I agree, the secrets God shares of our weaknesses makes us stronger in them. Nice job, funny too!

  3. Hi Hazel - so true, there are some things that I can only trust to Jesus and I am so grateful that He is trustworthy and gracious. Great post and thanks for linking up. God bless


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