Monday, September 17, 2012

Sincerely Right or Sincerely Wrong

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1 Peter 2:2  As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby:

Early in my childhood the Bible stories were told to me, and then each morning before we left for school, a chapter was read from the Bible.  Sunday school and children’s church were attended faithfully each week; knowledge was being given. 

One summer  my brother,  sister and I. attended a daily vacation Bible school at the Baptist church.  We had lots of fun singing, hearing Bible stories, and making craft items. 

One day the Baptist teacher gave an invitation to receive Jesus into our heart.  Several children went with her into the other room - - but not me, for I was judgmental and decided that teacher wasn’t even saved, because she wore lipstick.  

I was sincerely wrong, but that is what I believed from teaching given at my church. 

This belief was based on the wicked queen Jezebel who painted her face before she would appear before the prophet.

My mother who was my example, powdered her nose, and at times would dab a bit of rouge on her cheeks, but no lipstick.  She did doctor her fingernails with clear nail polish, but no color.

As time went by, our pastor’s daughters would not wear lipstick, but they had the prettiest eyes shadowed blue with dark eyeliner under each eye lid and fake eyelashes.

As years went by, we came into knowledge of what is truth and what is fiction. 
Our teacher at our Bible school had this saying that an old barn would be improved with a bit of paint.  His wife tastefully applied a bit of  makeup.

Many have taken a scripture out of context and in all sincerity RAN with it and made doctrines that are confusing at best.  One church refused to allow men to wear a red tie, and others insisted for the women to wear long skirts and also to keep their hair long. 

Some of the women even took their long hair and rolled it up into a bun which gave them a short hair look.  They were being sincere to follow what they had been instructed.

Although these people were sincere, their churches grew smaller in attendance while the non-denominational churches increased in membership as did their laidback dress codes and lifestyles.

I have attended some of these churches and enjoyed the freedom of praise and worship and the happy friendliness of the people.   Their sincerity spills over and all are blessed.

To this day, I do not wear lipstick, because my husband says he will refuse to kiss me if I wear lipstick.   That is the best reason for me - - not to wear it.

I am very sincere about that!

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Floyd said...

Great post, Hazel. The "rules" we learn as kids we quickly figured out don't square with the heart of God and His word. Even the big rules with which no one can argue, like the Ten Commandments, are also a matter of the heart... Funny, the church can read the words of Christ and miss it...

HisFireFly said...

What a wonderful reason to remain lipstick free! Kiss away Hazel!

How often we try to live by the letter of the law instead of the spirit of the law.

Great post!

Lisa notes... said...

This makes me smile, Hazel. I wouldn't wear lipstick either if I were you.

But my mother always said we looked dead if we didn't have on lipstick. ha. I guess I just look dead a lot. ;-)

Laura said...

It's so interesting to read what others were taught when young. I know I was spooned a lot of troublesome things. As for the lipstick? My husband doesn't like it either! What's up with these boys?

caryjo said...

I'd be in trouble if I couldn't wear lipstick. It's not overwhelmingly colorful, but as pale as my face has been all these years, and my lips lacking in size, I am not a real person. At least, that's what I thought many years ago. I was 12 when I began using it... pink-ish only ... and have been doing so for 55 years. My husband has never had an issue with it, so that's a good thing for me. If he did, I would go along with his program. He's worth it. BTW, I've heard so many of the various differences in some churches... some really bizarre decisions of what people could wear or do... no jewelry, men with no cuff links unless they were very, very plain, long hair, short hair, long skirts, no ladies w/o head covered, no music, singing but no instruments. So many differences. For me, just worship and praise my Lord. Nothing else matters.

Know this is too long and too yammery, but, if nothing else, you know what I think. Is THAT a surprise?


Anonymous said...

Hi Hazel,
Excellent word. In my younger years I was influenced by legalistic views and the threat of "hell" if I did not conform exactly the way that people told me to. That was the key word, it was people talking and not God. I started to listening to God and God alone. Such freedom!
Blessings to you,

Sr Crystal Mary said...

Yes that is so judgmental and places people under the the O.T. law, instead of under the freedon grace of Jesus. I am 67yrs old now and have never been much for wearing lipstick, but that was from choice. Now I do put it on occasionally as my hair is snow white and I feel it lifts me up some and gives me some colour.. People in some churches have a lot to answer for. I have finally gone onto anti-depressants. I let this information slip to my 94yr old mother on the phone the other day. She told me I wasn't a Christian for taking them. Then my sister phoned me, she was nice and just said she would pray. Then my nephew called and said,and said, he had to tell me straight, I wasn't in the right church or have Jesus in me if I was taking medications. Now people who judge like this,can cause a lot of harm I thank God for my own medical knowledge otherwise that could have caused me a lot of damage. As it is, it still hurt.. Much love sent today. xx

Wendy @ E-1-A said...

I'm with Floyd on this one :D