Sunday, October 3, 2010


The day of anticipation was here. I had not been able to attend my church for several weeks due to an injury to my leg, but now I was much better. So my husband finally gave me permission to drive to my church.

On occasion, the Pastor allows a short sharing time, and today was the day. The Pastor looked at me and said, we are happy to have Hazel back. Using my crutch, I went to the front so I could use the mike and enable all to hear me.

I began my contribution with an illustration.

“When you order something from a catalog or from the inter-net; you have a glimpse of the article, and are in anticipation until your package arrives and you can see the real thing.

Having been gone from church for so long, I was in anticipation of being here, and I was finally happy that today I could experience the real thing.

The Pastor’s sermon was all about Jesus and viewing him throughout the book of John, and also in other places in the Bible.

The Pastor gave us a glimpse of Jesus, and in anticipation, we wait, and are anxious because one day we will see Jesus face to face.”

That concluded my sharing about Anticipation, and the Pastor said, “Thank you for that witness, it blessed me.”

The Lord is good, and I was blessed to be able to share. The Bible reminds us that when we cast our bread upon the water, it will come back to us again.

There is a double meaning here, for it means giving of ones finances to the Lord’s work, but also the kind deeds that you do in His Name, and the witness that you give to bless others.

In different manners, the Lord will return to you in ways you cannot now imagine. You can only wait for the return to arrive - - - with ANTICIPATION.

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