Friday, October 22, 2010

Left Overs by Hazel

Do you ever consider yourself as a second choice? A cast off from the clearance rack? Or like left overs in the fridge from the day before?

It is so easy to think of ourselves of less worth and value than what we actually are. We stammer when asked a question, and turn red as we share in a class room situation.

Feelings of inadequacy are understood by me, for many similar thoughts raced through my mind as an elementary school student, when it was my turn to stand before the class and recite.

Finding a place to hide was uppermost in my mind.

The only thing that saved me was in knowing it would soon be over, and I could retreat to my spot and disappear again in the crowd.

The acclaimed author Joyce Meyer has said, in her book of the same title: “Do It Afraid.” To defeat your fear her recommendation was to do it afraid.

To me, that was excellent advice, so now when I speak, or write; it is without hesitation, and I go forward with an attitude of; “So what? Here goes anyway.” No fear!

If you find yourself with similar feelings of helplessness and fear of failure; just go ahead and do it afraid. March on, because someone needs to hear or read what you have to say!

Please find my contribution to the Food on Fridays Carnival at

Turkey Croquettes: An excellent method to use your Left Over Turkey

Make a white sauce from: 3 Tb butter, ¼ cup flour 1 cup milk.
Add to the cooked white sauce: ½ cup chopped onion, ¾ tsp salt, ¼ tsp celery salt, 1 Tb parsley, and 2 cups chopped cooked turkey, mixing well and chill.

In a separate pan, place 2 cups crushed or rolled soda crackers or crushed bread crumbs.

In another pan, beat 1 egg with 2 Tb milk.

Shape the meat mixture into 10 cone shaped croquettes and roll in crumbs then into egg mixture, then in crumbs again. Fry in deep fat 360 degrees until brown.

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  1. What a beautiful devotional thought, Hazel, and such a bold encouragement to go forth and do it anyway, even when feeling fearful or second-rate.

    Your leftovers recipe was such a clever addition! I've never eaten or made turkey croquettes, so I appreciate your instructions.

    Thank you for linking this to Food on Fridays, and for being a loving, strong voice to your readers!


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