Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tooth Fairies and Dreams

When our children were just beginning to loose their teeth, we showed them how to put their tooth under their pillow and to discover, what the next morning would bring in its place. Usually it was one penny for each year they were old.

In those days, we lived from pay check to pay check, when there was work. Saying that, you might understand that often after bills were paid, and a few groceries purchased, only a small amount of coins were left, if we were lucky.

One day a loose tooth was pulled, and happily placed under his pillow by our son. Now I was in a quandary, because it was one of those weeks I had mentioned before.

Not usually lost for ideas, I quickly arrived at a solution. The next morning, our son anxiously reached under his pillow to find nothing there. He came crying to me with his predicament. He was certain that the tooth fairy had forgotten him. I took his hand and walked with him back to his bedroom, and asked him if he had looked real good for his prize. He assured me that he had done so.

Well, I asked him, “Did you look under the bed?” He looked at me quizzically as he said, “No,” while he bent down to peer under his bed.

There to his surprise he spied six empty soda pop bottles, which was more than he expected in cash. I told him, “Maybe the tooth fairy had a bad week, and decided to have you turn in the bottles for your reward.” He was satisfied with my answer and was ready to submit his plunder to get his money back. Together we walked to the corner store to turn in his prize.

This time, our son had to wait for his expectation, and in a way, he also must work for it.

Many times in life, we look under our pillow (so to speak) and expect our dreams and ambitions to be fulfilled at once. We have it all figured out exactly what will be there when we lift our pillow.

May I warn you now, so you will not be surprised? You may not discover the exact answer you thought you were anticipating. Instead there may be a detour or another method of arriving at the prize you expected.

God does not always give us instant answers, and many times it is certainly not the solution that we wanted him to give us.

How wonderful it would be if we received $200 every time we passed GO, but life does not usually work that way.

Often, you must wait for His timing, and on other occasions, you must simply work for what you are reaching for.

James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights - -

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