Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Squeaky the Mouse

Elaine our teenage daughter wanted something she could call her own. Something she could talk to and love. Something that was only hers, and did not belong to anyone else!

So one day, without asking permission, she visited our local pet shop and purchased a cute, small white mouse. She prepared a match box lining it with cotton to make a comfortable bed, and hid it, mouse and all into her dresser drawer.

One Sunday she proceeded to take the mouse to church in her coat pocket, and to share it with some of her friends. NOW, if you really want to keep something a secret, never share it with your friends!

One of my other daughters alerted me to this fact, and my reaction was not nice.

Yes, I hate mice! Even pet mice! We have had cats, fish, and dogs, but a mouse was where I drew the line.

Also, I was fully aware of allergies and potential disease from mouse droppings, and this was my main concern.

Upon arriving home, I took Elaine aside, and we looked at the mouse. It appeared healthy and perhaps a bit plump across the middle.

We talked about doing something like this without asking first. Then I told her the mouse must go.

Tears were shed, because she was not happy.

Next was the shock treatment! I told you I was not always nice!

Our cat is an excellent mouser, and I suggested to her that if her mouse got loose in the house, it would absolutely end up as cat food, and it would be no one’s fault. I asked her if she would like the mouse to end up that way. Naturally her answer was a definite no.

The next day, I helped her take the mouse back to the pet store, and get her money back.

There could have been other solutions, but at the time, I did not want to consider them.

In my teen own years there were times, when I felt like there was no one in which to confide in or even to talk to. Yes, I had parents, siblings, and friends, even pets, but they still were not enough, and I knew it!

I was ripe for the Holy Spirit! My fulfillment was to be able to have Jesus as my friend and confident. I could share my innermost secrets and dreams with him, and there was never any condemnation.

Proverbs 18:24 - - - and there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.

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