Monday, October 11, 2010

Arthur Katz a Jew for Christ

He was extremely vehement, anti-religionist and anti-Christian.

Our children attended the High School where this Jewish teacher, by the name of Art Katz taught classes on history, and practiced his right to free speech.

One eventful day, one of his students handed him a New Testament, and challenged him to read it through. The teacher accepted the book, and took it with him as he left on a summer trip to Europe to hitch hike and to live as a vagabond.

Having nothing better to do, he decided to read the New Testament he had been given. Art was stunned as the words virtually leaped from the pages striking direct into his heart.

This cynical and unbelieving atheist was radically apprehended by a God who was actively seeking him. This encounter with Jesus left him dramatically transformed and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Returning from his trip to Europe, he sought out a church that was close by to where he lived, and found our church. He was bubbling and ready to share his salvation experience with all who would listen.

One of our board members, remarked to me, “He will not last, but will backslide soon.”

I couldn’t believe the negative attitude of my Christian friend, so I spoke up and declared,

“You and I will not allow him to fall and this is what we will do.” I continued - - -

“Each morning as we prepare to leave for work, at a set hour of the morning we will pray something like this - - Lord, give Art Katz a good day, surround him with your love, and keep his steps from falling.” My friend the board member, hesitated, but agreed to participate in this short ritual.

We determined to believe that if two or three agree on earth as touching anything, it will be done. We continued this short prayer for many months, until we could see that Art was established and strong in the Lord.

Rev. Art Katz, a great scholar, became one of the outstanding Charismatic Evangelists of our day, writing several books and winning many to Christ. His basic message was of Jesus and the cross.

Art Katz passed away a couple years ago, but his messages still linger on.

So, you see my friend, no matter how small it is when the Holy Spirit leads you to give a blessing, a word, a testimony, a prayer, a book, or perhaps a New Testament to a friend, just obey that leading.

You never know how far reaching your small act of obedience will go in changing the lives of others, by the ripple effect !!

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