Friday, October 28, 2011

Food Multiplied at a Prison Outreach by "OM"

(AP Images/Dario Lopez-Mills)

This amazing and interesting article was reported in “Charisma news” about the ministry of Operation Mobilization Mexico’s July Outreach. I thought it would bless you to read about it here.

God Miraculously Multiplies Food at Prison Outreach

They had only prepared food for 70 people.  But once the service in the prison in Pochutla had started, more and more men joined in. During Operation Mobilization Mexico’s July outreach in the state of Oaxaca, a group of volunteers organized a program for the inmates of the detention center.

They began with songs of praise and worship, and a former drug addict gave his testimony.

They performed a drama and preached from the Word of God, challenging the inmates. Several men were touched by the message and tears ran down their cheeks. “This filled our hearts with joy,” says Tami, coordinator of the program.

As soon as the service finished, it was time to pass out the food. “We prayed for God to multiply the food,” says Tami. “By the end of the service there were 200 men attending.”

Their prayer was answered. “I could hardly believe it, but it happened. As we were handing the food out to the inmates, it didn’t run out. We even had enough plates and spoons for 200 men!”

Tami and her team were amazed by this miracle. “When we gave food to the last person in line, it finally ran out. God’s name be praised!”

God is still the God of Miracles.  If He has done it before - - He can do it again!


  1. God isn't done doing miracles on this earth. We see them everyday, we just pass them off as "unexplained phenomenon." No such thing. Love the TRUTH!!!!

    God is not bound by time!!!

  2. Yes, God is still in the miracle business. I love when He does something so concrete as this. There's no way we can question His hand in multiplying the food.
    Wonderful news!



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