Sunday, October 9, 2011

When Dreams Become Reality

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As we grow older, our dreams often become our youthful wishes that did not come to pass.

Life happens and survival caused most of us to take up jobs or perhaps to pursue a career.

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As a small child, I remember our Missionary minded Pastor OFTEN invited guest Missionaries to speak at our church. Their stories were so exciting, and some even reported miracles as they shared about Jesus.  Many were brought to Christ and schools of learning were established to train native workers to preach in their own country and their own language. 

As a youth, I took it all in and I envisioned myself with a thrilling life as a powerful, missionary, preaching and teaching, and saving the lost!

When life kicked in, I found myself with three children to nurture, and preach to. Then as time went on, there were others who came my way, needing a word or two and those were divine moments. You never know how far a few words or your acts of kindness may go.

More changes in life, and now - - out onto the wild blue yonder go my stories posted on a blog!!

In the mean time, while I cannot go, I give monthly to several organizations and missionaries so that others may go. - - Now that’s a thought!

Think about this:  Perhaps you are even NOW living out God’s dream for you!  Did you ever consider that?

Then there are other ways you may get involved in missions. You can be an “Unlikely Missionary.”

As noted on the post below, there are short term mission trips you may want to consider. Read further as you visit at my friend Sheila’s site, - -

Please consider subscribing to her blog by e-mail. God Spotting With Sheila:

Keep on loving and serving the Lord, and allow Him to give you HIS dreams to fulfill.

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  1. Thanks for the inspiring words. If our lives impact one for Him, then it has been worth the living. I grasp that a bit more than I did as a lad.

    I enjoy the stories from your life, God has really allowed you to use it to make sense and wisdom of this world.

  2. Love the idea of being an "unlikely missionary" - I definitely don't feel like a likely candidate most days, but I'm happy knowing that God is using me wherever I happen to be. :)

    Found you @ Spiritual Sundays (I'm #60!)

  3. just found you. Glad I did....this is really encouraging.

  4. Short tearms missions is something that I am currently praying about. As you know, I decided to take some time in my life and recover my dreams and God's calling, and this is something that I feel such a longing to do.
    Thank you for mentioning Sheila's blog, I will check it out now.

  5. Yes it does my heart good to give to missions. It allows me to be a part. You Hazel have been such a blessing to many, not only with God's word and His example but with your wonderful banana breads. xo Vicki K.

  6. It is so very true that you never know how far your words or an act of kindness will go.

  7. Good thoughts. I suspect that many of us are living out our dreams and are not fully aware of it. Thank you for sharing and fulfilling your dreams.

  8. Very encouraging post, perhaps I am living out God's dream for me! Never thought of that before.. was actually lost still trying to find His purpose for me.


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