Saturday, October 15, 2011

Prepare to Live

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Understandable when a woman is 99 and almost 100, and failing daily, that Hospice would be set up for her. That is what the care home is preparing for my 99 year old mother.

It is another thing when a woman in her late 60’s has a pain in her stomach that is so bad she goes to emergency. The Doctors there take x-rays and discover an inoperable growth that has twisted around other near by organs and the prognosis was; Prepare to die.
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They offered chemo, and radiation, but stated that neither would prolong life, and instead she would suffer very angry side affects.

Being a Christian, she made some quick choices and plans. First she decided, No Chemo and No radiation. Then a speedy trip across country to visit her children, and their families to say good bye. Still strong in body and spirit, she was able to listen as her daughters suggested a special diet to build up her immune system, and juices that have been known to assist cancer patients and “cure some.”
At home she put these diets into practice and also began to listen to a CD that a friend had sent to her with the Healing Scriptures set to music.

Honestly I have known of some amazing healings of incurable diseases by God, including cancer, but for some people it seems they believe in their head but not in their spirit. They know God can, but not if God will in their case. I do not condemn this lady, because she knows she can trust God. She is following what she believes is best for her.

Other family members, who live close by, visit and she is able to chat and play games with them. It appears that she has resigned herself to an accepted factor that death is soon to knock at her door.

Her doctor is a practical person, so he has set up hospice in her home. She is already receiving visits from a nurse and other care givers. The medicines her doctor has prescribed, give her pain management during the day, and a good night’s sleep each evening.

One thing I do know is that this sweet lady has parents and others once dear to her that stand waiting to receive her, and most of all, the arms of the Savior beckon to her.   
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I think about this, - - and am glad that I have not been given a DATE to die. Yes, we all know that death is inevitable, but just not today please.

Quite a long time ago, I did make my choice to assure my eternal abode “Heaven.” That being said; for now, I will live out my life here on earth serving Jesus one day at a time.

My hope is that I can softly encourage others to receive Jesus and His Eternal life.

May we all prepare to Live. Yes, prepare to live and not die.


  1. Amen indeed.
    I remember that saying, "Live today as if it were your last day." The keyword here is LIVE.
    Even if death is near (it is always near, more for some people than for others), we have to choose to live. Live for Him!

  2. It is a heartbreaking reality... In this fallen world death is a certainty. How we live and how we eventually face death says who we are and what we truly believe. I'm praying for your friend.

  3. Hazel, Thank you for visiting my site and for directing me to yours. I am glad you did.

    Stories like these really make us see the truth of that saying ... "Only one life, 'twil soon be past, only what's done for Christ will last."
    We need to live each day as if it were our last, because it just might be. Prayers for your friend.


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