Thursday, October 13, 2011

Keeping a Job

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I understand that some people are jobless due to downsizing or the company going out of business.

Others have NO clue as to why they were let go!

There may be fixable reasons to keeping a job that are still unknown to the jobless person.

These suggestions if followed; will help you to become a “Valued Employee.”

1. Respect Authority! Follow instructions given to you and WATCH your words!!   My mom would say, "Pay attention and NO back talk!"

2. Do your job the WAY the company asks you to do it. They hired you to do your work according to their method of doing business.

3. Save your remarks as to how the job would be so much easier if they would do this or that. They did not hire you to fix their system.

4. Smile and don't complain or find fault with others on the job.  Keep your speach at a minimum.

5. Show up on time and don't leave early.

6. Do your work and leave your personal life at home.

7. Limit personal phone calls and no Face Book or e-mail at work. Keep your cell phone on silent and no texting at work.

8. Complete assignments given to you, when or before they are due.

9. Follow all company policy and rules of etiquette and courtesy.

10. Be willing to learn new skills including a new computer program.

I must add - learn to take DEEP breaths when you feel stress.  Most of us breath shallow and stress is relieved by the deep breathing. 

These suggestions are essential for keeping a job or perhaps keeping your next job!

I had a friend who I helped to get hired where I worked. She broke every one of the above suggestions. They told her not to change the colors on her computer screen. So what did she do? Yes she did. They gave her a task, and she suggested that they use Excel instead of their method. She told her supervisor that she knew more about the computer than the computer specialist. All this did not set well with the supervisor.

She was fired the next day.  Actually she seemed happy to be free - - but I was left with a red humiliated face because I had recommended her!

I wonder if God is sometimes embarrassed when we do not follow His commandments?

At least He does not fire us, because He is the God of second chances!

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  1. Hi Hazel:

    Good points here. And this is one of two posts linked to the Grace Cafe today having to do with jobs. I'm confident that God has a message that someone needs to hear and find encouragement through them.

    Blessings and thanks for linking up today!

  2. Good advice! I find it fascinating that people who claim to know more than others are always the ones in the most difficult situations? They go through life with a messed up perspective... Once the're that way, it seems they can't stop. The go to the soup line expressing the lack of intelligence of others... Crazy...


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