Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Resolution to Think - - Before You Bite!

Resolution to Think - - Before You Bite!

Our two boys were mischievous and our youngest daughter was gullible.

On the ledge at the rear of our yard, I had planted several types of pepper plants. One plant was like a tree and the little, shiny red peppers were getting ripe.

image courtexy photobucket
“Come over here,” the boys said to Judie. “This is a candy tree. Pick one - - and take a big bite and you will really like it.”

Those boys knew better, and yet they were having a playfully, roguish time. The pretty plant with red peppers did look inviting, so - - - Judie happily picked one and plopped it into her mouth. The joy did not last even a few seconds until a loud cry for mercy bellowed from our baby.

The boys deserved, and received, some major time-out behind the kitchen door. This was our form of punishment as the boys got older.
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They had to sit with their faces in the corner between the door and wall for five minutes, while thinking about their sin. I even had a timer to make sure they served the entire time-out. Then there was a mandatory apology to Judie, but by that time, she had already forgotten about the event and was contentedly playing with her toys.

How often are we tempted by something that looks good on the surface, but after one big bite, we discover that we have entered into great pain?

“Can hell really be this hot?” we think to ourselves as we wallow in our misery and wretchedness.

We might find ourselves in a “time-out” that seems to stretch into an eon, but it is actually only a short moment as far as God is concerned. God’s time is not like ours. His timing and His plans are best in the long run!

Why are we, at some phase in life, so dense and unwise? I wonder - - -

When we finally come to our senses, and rush to the place of repentance, we discover that God is already loving on us with His mercy and grace, and has forgotten about our sin.

Next time you are offered something that looks sweet and appealing;

Make a resolution now to - - - THINK BEFORE YOU BITE!

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  1. That's a great analogy! "Think before you bite" could be applied several different ways. There's a lot to - um, chew on in this post. :)

  2. Sweet story, that little pic of the little boy sitting in the corner is so cute !! Vicki I

  3. I don't know what it is about being male that makes it so much fun to tease and torment?

    This is a great reminder to all of us, think before our emotions get us into trouble. Thinking is a gift from God that is highly underestimated these days.

  4. What a fabulous analogy and story! Lovely photo too!

  5. Such a biblical story..."take a bite and you will really like it"...Thank you for reminding us of the painful flairs of our wrong choices. I do resolve to think before I bite. Tremendous Blessings to you!

  6. We so often suffer consequences that would have been plain to see if we had but stopped to look.

  7. Oh, I could see where that was heading. ha. Poor Judie. Glad she recovered so quickly.

    Great moral to the story here to think before we bite. I'll try to keep that close with me.

  8. i would think twice about candy trees after that...

  9. Great analogy! Enjoying the pleasures of sin for a season is never worth the eternal "bite" of the consequences. Thanks so much for visiting & commenting on my blog, Saved by Grace ( http://savedbygracebiblestudy.blogspot.com/ ). You blog is a blessing and I am now following it, and I invite you to follow Saved by Grace.
    Love in Christ, Laurie Collett

  10. Our youngest, when he was about 5, got conned by his grandmother into eating what appeared to be candied apply slices but which turned out to be, of course, beets. I'm not sure if he's ever forgiven her.

    Great story and great analogy Hazel.

  11. I'm so glad I'm now through that valley...my "time out" behind the kitchen door. And I'm so glad that my Savior loved me enough to show me the error in my ways. I will always think before I bite, now...

    Blessings, Joan

  12. Great analogy, Hazel, I loved it. Looks can be deceiving in all aspects. We have to trust God to show us what's hidden.

  13. Love the analogy, Hazel. Too often, I bite before I think.



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