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Pocket Full of Candy

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This story is a re-post, because Billy’s awesome story reminded me of my Dad and I thought you would enjoy how Dad give up cigarettes.  Please follow this link for Billy’s amazing story of giving up his poison.

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Pocket Full of Candy

My Dad’s favorite place to hide and smoke was under the back porch! He was only nine years old then, but continued to smoke most of his adult life.

A person doesn’t develop a habit from smoking one or two cigarettes! It is continual repetition that trains the mind to call out, “I must have another cigarette.” In no time at all, bondage occurs and smoking becomes a strong addiction.

As a child, I can remember our house filled with smoke and my eyes burning, and I told myself, “I will never marry a man who smokes!”

Years later, my dad contracted a terrible case of Pneumonia. When he could not walk from one room to the next for lack of breath, his thoughts were that he was not long for this world.

My brother, Allen, came to visit him, and they discussed his smoking. My Dad declared that he was ready to give up cigarettes. Allen laid his hands on Daddy’s chest and prayed a strong, powerful prayer for deliverance from the infection, and also from cigarettes.

Almost immediately there was a change in our dad’s breathing and he was able to get up and take a few steps. Daily strength was gained as his solid determination to stay free from tobacco also grew.

Amazingly, the desire for cigarettes had left him, but another interesting phenomenon lingered. His hand automatically reached into the pocket where his pack of cigarettes had been kept. Apparently his hand was still in bondage to the habit of reaching!

Since my dad was a thinker, he arrived at a solution that worked for him. He chose to keep small candies in his shirt pocket so that when his hand wanted to reach for a cigarette there was a sweet substitute for him to enjoy instead.

Often, his pocket filled with small kisses, Dad delighted in sharing these candies with the children at church. Usually he would also offer a kind word, and our children remember feeling so special for Grandpa’s “sweet” attention and encouraging words.

Let me I urge you not to fall back into old ways. Don’t go back to that from which you have been set free! Do not be like the dog who returns to his vomit, but keep yourself free and clean.

Many have employed various methods to enable themselves to break certain habits. That is only half the battle!  Determination and a new direction are needed!

How does this occur? You will need to reach for God’s Word and put it in your mouth!    Then share your victory with others.

Galatians 5:1 Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.

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  1. I love this story of over-coming. I also love how he was a problem-solving in such a heart-reaching way. There's no telling how many lives he touched by that simple attention - How God can take the empty reaching of a habit and turn it into a blessing! This speaks to me on so many different levels!

  2. My mom and dad quit at the same time. It wasn't anything really extraordinary, but they never went back. My mom says after twenty plus years, if she found out she was dying tomorrow, she'd start smoking again... It's a powerful vice...

  3. That was a good one. I like your dad's substitution of candy. Something sweet to share instead of sour to expel. Signifying a new creation. Randy K

  4. An inspiring story pointing us to God for deliverance from the most established habits.

    And a charming change with the addition of candies!

    Thanks for linking this to Food on Fridays, Hazel!

  5. Saw your link at Food on Fridays, and of course was intrigued by the title. Back in the early 1970s, the Lord delivered my husband from smoking, very like your dad's experience. However, Joe went back to it during a weak spiritual spell about 5 years later. The next time he quit, he did it on his own and it was incredibly hard.

    Your advice about not falling back into old ways is very wise.

    As for your dad handing out the candy: when I was a girl there were grandfatherly types at church who always had a piece of candy or gum or a funny story for the kids and it was a treat to receive one. Those were the days!


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