Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Free Chickens

I answered the door bell, and was surprised to see my neighbor holding out toward me, a gunny sack that was strangely moving.

“Here,” she announced, “These three chickens are for you.” Just turn the chicks loose in your back yard, and they will eat all the bugs for you. She continued, “I can’t keep them, and we can’t eat them because they are pets.”

There is a saying “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.” The meaning was to not be ungrateful when you receive a gift.

I happily accepted her gift and took my bounty to the rear yard and turned them loose. Sure enough they began to peck away in my flowers and tall grass.

The chickens were satisfied staying in our yard, but for some reason they weren’t laying eggs for their keep. I surmised that they needed expensive laying mash or perhaps it was molting season.

Before long a problem developed. Flies were everywhere, and the mess the chicks were making from their poop was attracting more flies every day. I had less bugs in my yard, but the trade off, was not worth it.

The flies finally got to me, and something had to be done. No, we could not eat our pet chickens, so I phoned my friend and told her the chickens must go. She informed me that she would be right over, because her uncle would take them to his farm in the country. She promised me that he would not eat them.

Now everyone was happy, me, my friend, her uncle and the chickens.

Did you ever receive a gift or something FREE, that proved to be more inexpensive than you ever expected? For instance; FREE puppies, that ended up costing you a fortune in vet bills?

There is one free gift that you do not want to pass up, and that is God’s gift of salvation to you, through Jesus Christ.

Free, yes, and also yes that it will cost you something. You will need to lay your life down at His feet and tell Him that you surrender your will to do his will. The trade off is forever and eternally worth it.

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