Friday, September 10, 2010

Give It To Em !!

How pretty they were !! Shiny, fancy, expensive hubcaps, that came with our new car.

Last minute, we decided to drive from California to Camp Meeting and arrived a day early. We elected to attend church that morning at Sheridan Assembly in Tulsa, OK.

The service was memorial, and we were in excellent spirits as we exited the church that afternoon.

Wait - - something is wrong! Our beautiful hubcaps are gone! Someone has stolen our hubcaps while we were in church!

Deflated in heart, we were also quite a bit angry to think about someone being so low down as to steal our hubcaps on a Sunday and to boot, openly in the church parking lot !!

Too sick at heart to even eat lunch, my husband decided to call one of our friends and unload our woes on him for comfort.

“Hi Bob, how are ya all doing?” was the cheerful greeting on the other end of the line.

My husband blurted out, “Simon, you won’t believe this, but today in the church parking lot, they stole my fancy hubcaps.”

The quick reply was, “Bob, don’t let em steal your hubcaps.”

My husband resounded, “You don’t understand, they already stole my hubcaps.”

The gentle answer came again, “Bob, don’t let em steal your hubcaps, GIVE them to em.”

My husband couldn’t believe his ears. “What did you say?”

Sweetly here it came again, “If you give them to em, they can’t steal your hubcaps.”

We can’t actually say that we enjoyed those words of wisdom, but as we considered it thoughtfully, we could understand that if we gave the thieves the hubcaps, it would heal the hardness of our heart - - and all the un-forgiveness, that we were already feeling.

Letting go is often difficult to do. Especially if it was something you dearly enjoyed or loved.

Many times, we would rather wallow in our misery and harbor our resentment and hug our offense. The longer we sit in the seat of the scornful, the suffering is only prolonged.

If we would quickly “Give it to em,” it would speedily heal our wounded spirit and we could continue walking with Jesus at our normal pace. So I say to you, next time it happens to YOU simply, “Give it to em.”

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