Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Bible...Weapons of Mass Instruction!

I am reminded of a time, when our family and our business were both under attack from Satan!

Wow, are you serious?

Yes, our new equipment would break down, and a new replacement would also tear up. This happened more than two or three times. Accidents were happening on the job, and trucks would not start or run properly. Employees were sick and did not show up for work. We lost bids that should have been ours.

A string of events left us puzzled as to, “Why?” was all this was happening repeatedly?

I suppose a “Light bulb,” turned on, and it was like a revelation that the devil was behind all this, and it was he that was causing these accidents.

A short conference between my husband and myself, and we decided on a war plan.

Each morning before my husband left for work, we would join hands, and speak the Word. “No weapon formed against me shall prosper.” “The steps (and business) of a righteous man are ordered of the Lord.”

Next we would take our authority against the devil and demand that he take his hands off God’s property.

The last step was to thank the Lord Jesus for watching over our family and our business and for his Angels that we asked Him to send as an army to watch over us.

A dark cloud was lifted, and the change was "almost" immediate.

However we continued our strategy and did not let up. We were determined to “Hold the fort.”

God’s word can be used as a weapon against evil that threatens us. It is as a sword that cuts deep when used effectively.

If words have power, it calls to reason that God’s Word would be an explosion when it flows out from our mouth. Speaking out scripture that has come alive to you will set you free in given situations.

Declaring with your mouth, that you are who the Bible says you are, will give you grace and boldness to walk uprightly.

Early on, I learned that my own righteousness is as filthy rags, BUT because of Jesus, “I am the righteousness of God IN Christ.” My concept of myself as a sinner, changed when I understood, that I am NOT a sinner saved by grace, but by the grace of Jesus, I am a Saint IN Christ.

We cannot continue to depend on the prayers of our mothers, grandmother, pastors, and our church members. It is time for you and me to begin to stand up and grow up in the Lord.

Daily reading God’s Word until the scriptures become a part of us is as food to our spirit. Speaking the Word to ourselves brings maturity and growth to our lives.

Growing up spiritually helps us discern truth from error regarding spiritual issues. Babies cannot discern good from evil. They can also become selfish, and because they rely on everyone else to take care of them, they cannot encourage or equip others in their faith.

Lastly but probably most important is, your own personal Pentecost which is vital.

This is the secret to Power with God and your communication with the Holy Spirit which will enable you to mature into the grown up believer that God expect you to be.

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