Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Not Satisfied?

Straight as a stick, that is how to describe our two daughter’s golden hair. Our third daughter had nice brunette hair with a lovely natural curl.

What do you think was their request as we approached the Beauty Salon?

The simple answer was; two perms for the straight haired maidens and a reverse perm for the third daughter with the curly hair.

Why is it that we are often not satisfied and contented with things the way they are?

I can remember hating my name because kids love to tease and hurt my feelings. I was called Witch Hazel, Hazel Nut, and that was enough to cause me want to change my name.

Mother would tell me that sticks and stones will break your bones, but names can never hurt you. To this day I still do not believe that saying. I know for a fact that words can hurt deeply in the emotions, but that is another story.

Noses, eyes, double chins, big hips, fat tummy, all get attention from the Plastic surgeon.

Please consider teeth! Now that is something I needed and went for. My two front teeth were crooked and overlapped, and when a cavity formed between them, my dentist suggested that he cap the two into a straight nice line. Prior to the remedy, I would put my hand over my mouth when I would laugh or smile. The new teeth certainly improved my appearance, and gave me new confidence. No longer was I afraid to smile.

Satisfaction is not always a sit down item. It is a good thing to seek improvement in our studies, work, health, attitudes, our thoughts and not to forget is - - our spiritual life.

Many women desire to do a make over on their husbands, but men are set in their ways. The best solution is to love them as they are, and trust that your love and gentleness, will eventually work its change in your children and family. In any event it may change you.

One person that I continue to be satisfied with is Jesus. He never changes, and the Bible reminds me that, He is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever.

Yes, I am satisfied with Jesus, and as the old song says, “Is He satisfied with me!!”

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  1. Being satisfied and/or content is so difficult with the media bombarding you with you should have.... you need to look like... buy this, don't you want that???

    we have to remember that EVERY good gift is from above....that our Father knows what is best for us. and TRUST that... trust is such a hard thing sometimes.

    Thank you for your wonderful insight, for how you care and for the difference you are making.

    keep making a joyful noise! i love it!



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