Monday, September 13, 2010


I heard the frantic cry of my husband, “Hazel, Please come in her quick,” was his plea.

We were assisting a small church in their Christian Educational department, but my husband was often asked to perform other duties.

On this day, a distressed woman had asked for counsel as she was having a problem coping with her distraught husband. The gentleman had recently suffered the loss of one of his arms, and feeling that he was less of a man, he ending up by pushing her away.

Arriving to answer my husband’s call of concern, I entered to find the woman dressed provocatively in mini shorts, a deep cut blouse and heavy make up.

One important thing they teach you in any Bible School is to protect yourself against gossip or suspicion that could end in slander. Here was a typical example in full view.

Ministers should be careful if at all possible not to council the opposite sex with the door shut, and if available to invite their mate, or another person to sit in on the session.

Sobbing, the woman poured out her story, and it was extremely evident that she did not actually want direction and guidance. She was searching for someone to agree with her and comfort her in her decision to leave her husband.

A few months later, we saw her again, and this time she informed us that she was happily engaged to be married to a fine gentleman. We offered our congratulations. What else could we say?

I am reminded of the wedding vows, so easily forgotten by some, in times of illness, accidents, or even when angry, “Forsaking all others; until death do us part.”

Many times, the grass on the other side of the fence that appears so inviting will soon surprise you. for it has been sprayed with weed killer, and will quickly wither and dry up.

Not all exchanges are for the better. Only one is; the great exchange. This is when you give Jesus your old life and you receive HIS everlasting life to live inside your heart.

When it comes to counseling, for myself, I have discovered long ago, that a little talk with your best friend, Jesus is safe, and He does not pass on to others, what you have shared with Him.

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