Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Smiles Don’t Belong Here !

The Hospital had hired several persons who had graduated from the Medical Health Program. Four which included me were in the Physical Therapy Department.

Two of the girls had been there awhile and they teamed together as they made their calls to the wards.

I loved my job, and it showed. My smile and my humming a tune went before me into the Extended Care Unit where I was usually assigned.

One day, I passed the two other aides who were outside, taking a smoke break, and one of them made a comment that I could hear. “Smiles do not belong in a Hospital,” she said.

Well, that hurt a bit, but it did not stop me from smiling. My smile came from inside, and it was like a well springing forth. My joy could not be contained.

One day a patient told me how she and her husband had traveled, and they had seen some beautiful sights in this world. I told her that she could reserve a place in heaven where the streets were made of gold and the splendors there could never be imagined.

I held her hand, and prayed a short prayer asking Jesus to show him-self real to this sweet lady. Her face brightened, and she told me that she understood, and was ready when ever He was willing. Each day I greeted her with a smile and it was returned, until finally she was released to go back home. I expect to see her one day in heaven.

After working for a year, unexpectedly I was informed that our Insurance Carrier would no longer allow the unlicensed aides to write the notes on the charts. As of now, the data of each patient’s treatment must be from a Licensed Physical Therapy Technician.

My supervisor gently told me that she had both good news and bad news. She said the bad news was they were letting all four of the aides go including me. The good news was that I was the only one they were sorry to see go. I told my supervisor, not to feel upset, and that I would be fine.

As it was, I went on Unemployment, and before I could collect my first check, my phone rang. It had been a year since I had obeyed my Job Search Instructor, and took my application down to the County Personnel office.

The County requested that I come in for an interview to work in the Child Support Division in their accounting department.

Yes, I was hired, and worked there for 10 years, until the county was making some changes. A golden handshake was offered if 50 employees would retire. I was ready.

It turned out that 80 employees accepted the gold offer and as of today, I am still smiling!

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