Wednesday, September 1, 2010

To Live or Not?

Interesting enough, the Bible Training School that we attended, believes in the Holy Spirit and the Gifts that accompany being filled with the Spirit. Healing is a top priority, and the heartrending truth is that is many Christians are sick, hurting and dying.

One distressing day, we were notified to leave class and report to the warehouse, a general place where we could all meet at once. We were asked to intercede and pray for one of the students who had suffered some sort of attack in class. Soon we were notified that it was his heart, and the gentleman had passed away and went to heaven.

What a shock!! Here we were in a FAITH atmosphere, and one of our members had died on us!

We were numb and disillusioned.

Lots of questions, WHY?

That question is asked over and over again, by believers and non believers alike. The Biblical answer is that God knows the secret reasons, and someday he will explain it to us.

The following morning we met for general assembly, and we were made aware that our friend had been told by his doctor that he only had a short time to live. He made a decision to spend what time he had left in the place he envisioned to be where God’s Spirit was.

He determined to attend the Bible Training School and be under the ministry of Spirit Filled and Spirit Led ministers and staff.

Yes, he wanted to live, but if he died, he wanted it to be here.

I do remember how happy he seemed each and every day as we attended classes together.

He was where he wanted to be.

This event may have been a preparation for our class to keep on - keeping on, even when God doesn’t heal, when people die, and accidents happen. God is still God and still in the healing business.

Okay, now let us ask a simple question. If you knew you only had a short time to live on this earth - - what choices or changes would you make?

Would you make more phone calls to family and friends, write more letters, visit shut the ins, pray more for the lost, worship Jesus more?

Truth is, none of us have a promise of tomorrow, but that should not change the things we have already set in motion to accomplish.

That degree, certificate, job, or ministry, or book you are writing, once put in place, should be pursued to the fullest.

In other words, keep serving God as his will is revealed to you, and don’t look back.

I am reminded of the catch phrase; “Expect Jesus to come back at any moment, but Live as if he will not return for 1000 years.”

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