Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Last Call

“It is time for watermelon! You children have been in the water long enough.” my aunt Edna called to us.

My brother and sister left the water and started for the picnic area, but I was enjoying my swim and decided to stay a bit longer in the cool inviting water.

My mother and we three kids were visiting my Grandparents and my mother’s sister, and they had wanted to treat us all to a picnic and a swim at a near by park.

Eventually I decided perhaps my swim was over, now I was anxious for my watermelon.

Hurriedly I rushed to the picnic area, and could see my family enjoying their melon.

“I am ready now for my watermelon,” I proclaimed.

My aunt informed me, “All the melon is gone, and you should have obeyed when you were first called.” She continued, “Your stubbornness has caused you to miss out!”

Heart sick on missing one of my favorite treats, I could only regret my choice to have my own way. Disobedience had caused me to suffer a great loss, but a lesson was learned.

In life, there are many decisions that we may hold on to as dear, but none are worth the expense of missing Heaven.

The voice of the Holy Spirit continually is calling, “Come and dine with the Master.”

One day it will be the last call. It is one announcement that you do not want to miss!

That is the reason, to be ever ready!


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