Monday, September 6, 2010

Revolving Doors

Here they came, in one door and out the other. That is what it seemed like as our teen age daughters would bring home their boyfriends.

My husband usually did not speak to the young men. I asked him “Why not,” and he explained that his reasoning was, “They are here today, but tomorrow they will be gone.”

He continued, “One week I am supposed to treat them nice, and the next week I am supposed to hate them.” I suppose he decided just not to get too attached to any of them.

Call our daughters fickle, or just over friendly, but at least they brought them home for us to meet. One after the other!

One evening my youngest daughter asked me to help her break up with her current fellow.

“What? Did I hear you correctly?” I asked in surprise.

She told me to think up something and be nice, because she didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

So off I went to the front room where he was lounging on the sofa.

Gullible me - - But here goes!

He was a nice Greek boy, and clean cut. I sat next to him and began to discuss his Greek culture. We talked about his mother and how she probably wanted him to go out with Greek girls. I explained that our daughter was a committed Christian, and according to the Bible she desires to match herself with someone of like faith as she enjoyed.

I think he got the message, because that was the last time he appeared at our home.

As they left that night, he told my daughter, “You have a really neat Mom,” So I guess his feelings were not hurt too badly, and he was spared a broken heart.

Sometimes there comes a time of separation, for your job, your boy or girl friends, and heaven forbid, your marriage.

At least be civil and kind and respect the other person’s feelings.

Hope all is well with your household and you and yours.

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