Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fathers are Needed by their Family

Every work place has their own set of abbreviations that mean something to those working there.

At our job at the Family Support Department, there were words and abbreviations known only to us.

AP meant Absent Parent (could be either one). NCP was Non Custodial Parent, again either one.

Our main function at our job was to collect the monthly child support payments and forward them to the CP, (Custodial Parent.)

I remember one day, when my co-worker was extremely upset with her husband. I knew she was angry by the way she tore into her work. A bee was certainly under her bonnet!!

Later that morning, up the stairs happily skipped one of the girls from the front desk carrying a large bouquet of roses. She sang a sort of sing song remark as she yodeled, “These just came for YOU,” then she handed the lovely flowers to my friend. The girl continued, “He must have done something real-ly bad!”

The other workers who could not help overhearing laughed, but my friends face softened.

When all was quiet and my friend was ready to listen; I began to speak softly just to her. Not referring to the flowers, or to my friend’s anger, but telling her a short parable.

I began, “You know, darlin’, I have noticed that most of these NCP cases we deal with all have an interesting story. Many times, the woman becomes so angry with her jerk, stupid, no good, useless husband, that she dumps him for what ever good reason she believes. The amazing part of these cases is that there is usually another women out there waiting to grab that worthless, son of a gun, man as soon as he is free. I wonder if the wife might just be better off to forgive that no good, keep him and simply go on with their life?”

That day, she was listening but she said nothing. I knew in my heart that she had got the message “Big time.”

We never talked about her situation, and there was no need to do so.

The story went on; their home was not broken, he applied for and got a better job. He continues to be a good father to their children, and they have a some what - - happy home!

Wives (and hubby too) always be forgiving, and Husbands (and wife too), make no opportunity for offense.

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  1. Great advice. The first thing we as a spoiled generation is look to get something better. Your right, in most cases it always turns out to be a case of, "You don't know what you got till it's gone."

  2. It seems like we give up too easy, doesn't it? I've often tried to share with the younger women how rewarding it is to make it through those bumpy times. Thank you for sharing this story! (I think next year I might plant some chard...maybe some other varieties. I have enjoyed it so!)


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