Sunday, June 26, 2011


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The dirty thick steam sloshed over my toes, splashed  to my knees,

Filth with blood and flesh, maggots, stench beyond belief,

Is this for real or am I in some sort of a horror-able dream?

Put out the fire for it blinds my eyes and intensifies my pain!

Where am I, who put me here?

Did I make a wrong turn back there?

I expected long life and never did I plan for this!

My hopes and dreams are all amiss.

Where is the day, or is there only this night?

How can I change this and make it all right?

Beyond the veil of tears is there a glint of hope and bliss?

My years are less than twenty and no one ever told me this!

At least that is not how it seemed to me!

More time, I must have more time, where can it be?

My eyes seem glued closed and I cannot view!

Open my eyes and tell me this is not true!

Why oh why did I not believe Words that were said,

Yes, I was too young to become one of the dead,

“Get right with God, for you never know the day or the hour.”

I laughed to myself, for I knew I was in power.

While there was time, I should have heeded the call,

“Receive Jesus,” they said, “serve Him for He is all in all.”

If this is a dream, I pray that I will awake,

For it will be that I will amend -- for my own and others sake!

Now I understand, now I believe,

May I change my mind and now may I leave?

If I could go back I would be a preacher of fame,

While it is yet day, accept the Lord Jesus Christ and believe on His Name!

Yes, I would preach loud and clear,

Destruction is ahead for those who refuse to hear!

This is one place I wish for no one else to go!

By all means, I shout it - - HELL NO !

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