Saturday, June 11, 2011

Choose a Pretty Pigeon

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Pigeons were having a field day in my dad’s city garden, and had become a nuisance so he began to take drastic measures. He constructed what he called a pigeon trap and placed it in his garden.

While I worked at my temporary job, my Mom and Dad were caring for my three small children. One day my dad showed my kids all the pigeons he had been catching in his trap.

He told my youngins, “Each of you may choose a pretty pigeon.” With careful thought they began to decide which pigeon was the prettiest. “I like this one, this one and that one.” They spoke with glee, thinking that they were to have a new pet.

Now this is the terrible part of my story and to this day, after many years my children still remember what came next!

My Dad had not prepared my kids for the subsequent event. - - -

Those pigeons were going to be the main course for their lunch,

After all pigeon meat is tasty, just like quail or chicken!!

Dad was not sadistic, he was just being a farm boy, and to him - - the food chain was a fact of life.

He was also just a bit dense working with small children though.

He had devised a creative and brilliant method to rid his garden of pigeon pests and gain some nice meals for his dinner.

Although you and I probably would not resort to catching our dinner, we must realize that the Bible tells us that all food is good when received with thankfulness.

Missionaries in foreign lands have been offered much worse than a pigeon feast, and in order to save face, they have found it necessary to partake of monkey, dog, snake, rats, bugs and the like. Now these would be a gross meal to you and me but they are delicacies to many in other lands!!

So perhaps my Dad was not far off in his determination to take advantage of a nice pigeon banquet.

One thing I hope is - - that you never get yourself into a situation where you must: “Eat Crow!”

This post was inspired by Kat Dishman Richard’s article and you might enjoy her post on birds and doves at:


  1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and for your lovely comment. This is a great story - I had a similar experience with a lobster when I was a kid! We were at a restaurant in Maine and I was only three, and the chef asked me to come and choose a lobster... I was not impressed when it appeared on my Dad's plate!! Luckily I had asked for fish and chips for dinner :) I'm your newest follower, by the way...Have a great weekend!

  2. Ahhh ha ha ha! Surprise ending! Love it!


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