Monday, June 6, 2011

Translate Please

From the time my oldest child was very small; he could speak well and was easily understood.

I remember when he was about 18 months old we were driving in the car, and I asked my husband if he wanted to stop for ice cream. Our son in a sing song voice, said, “I want some ice cream.” That came out of the blue and I was mildly shocked.

He continued to learn new words and he loved a picture book of animals that was his favorite as he called the name of each.

When our son was two, our first daughter arrived. With this child, she found that if she pointed and grunted it was a quick and easy way to make her wishes known.

My fault, probably so! I had taken so much time with the first child and now it was faster to just allow my son to translate when I could not understand her baby language.

Yes, our son knew baby-speak very well, and would tell me exactly what our little one was jabbering.

When daughter was two years old, here came baby number three and for some unknown reason, this new little one, picked up the English language quite well.

TV may have helped for by this time we had purchased a television.

It seemed only a few days, and almost instantly it was time to enroll daughter number two in kindergarten.

I explained to the teacher that our daughter might need to attend speech class because she could not talk very well.

The teacher laughed, and invited me inside the class room to view the collages of random collections she had on the wall. There were pictures of A, B, C words, and so on for many letters of the alphabet.

“By the end of the term, your daughter will be speaking like a pro,” stated the teacher.

And so it was - - and now it is difficult to get her to stop the chatter, especially when all the cousins, nieces and sisters get together.

It is amazing how God can decipher all the prayers that are continually being sent into the heavens. Yet he does and He is concerned about every request in no matter how small and what ever is the language.

He even knows our thoughts and our heart. God does not need a translator for he understands and loves us no matter how well we form our words.

What a God we serve!!


  1. "I laughed out loud at this one! Good point at the end!"

  2. i am visiting from the multitude on mondays link up - each week i try to visit the blog linked on the right and left of my link. anyways, i love your story and i can relate with the different speaking abilities of my kids. my #3 son (i have 4 boys!) is difficult to understand still and he is 3. thanks for sharing about how it relates to our life with God.

    my recent post: from where you came


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