Thursday, June 16, 2011

And He Swallowed His Gum

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The background music was softly playing as my bridegroom, the Minister, and the best man stepped out to the front of the church; waiting for the rest of the wedding party to arrive.

It was evident that the best man was somewhat nervous because he was busily chomping away on a stick of gum.

My mother caught his eye and made a chewing motion with her mouth, and understanding her “sign language message," he promptly swallowed his gum.

“Here comes the bride,” the music began to play and the wedding proceeded with out any further problems at least for the ceremony.

Many weddings have a story to tell of something that went wrong on their special day.

Some are horror stories and some are simply downright humorous!

My sister had decided to play a trick on me, and when we arrived at our motel, I discovered that she had tightly sewed up my new nightgown at all the openings.

I could not contain myself and began to laugh loudly at her joke. I told her later that she was pretty funny and of course I was not angry at her harmless prank.

Not so funny was the other stunt done to our borrowed car. We never knew for sure who it was, but someone had loosened the lug bolts on one of the wheels, which caused the wheel to almost come off. We spent the better part of the next afternoon at the auto wrecking yard purchasing a used wheel to replace the damaged one.

Practical jokes are certainly not funny to the receiver of their brunt! Many times they are dangerous and can seriously harm a person or a relationship.

We tried to teach our children, to never pay back each other for wrongs either true or thought to be, and not to hide or destroy the possessions of others.

Are you writing your hilarious or not so amusing stories? Your yarn may just be the encouragement that someone needs or they could even be stopped in their tracks if they are planning a prank on someone.
Go ahead and write your adventure, someone waits to listen to what you have to say!

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