Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dogs and Duck Toys

Photo by Hazel

Our dogs are for the most part, outside dogs, however, we do allow them to come into the house and they are assigned to a rug, (sort of.)  At least they try to touch the rug!!

Our two black Labs, love to retrieve and that is a problem for our older Lab Buck.

Luke the younger dog will not allow older Lab Buck to enjoy the toys we give them in the house. Luke is selfish and wants them all.  Buck is laid back and gives in to the baby.

Walmart has two different sizes of duck toys. One is larger for about $6. and a smaller version is $2.99. For us the smaller one works just fine.

Luke will lie on the kitchen rug, toss the duck and roll around enjoying the squawk squeak sound that it makes when he bites it.

We must only allow him to have it for a short period of time or else he begins to chew off the nose and remove the stuffing. (Experience and 3 ducks later have told us this.)

Luke also knows he is not allowed to take his duck outside, for it will come back caked with dirt and leaves. We use an "Aaa Aaa Aaa" sound and he drops it before he leaves our kitchen to return out side.

Our Blue Tick Hound is not interested in Dog Toys and the only thing he did chew up once when he was a puppy was my husband’s shoe.  Granddaughter Ashley won an award for this photo!!

Award Photo "Guilty" (Baby Smokey) by Granddaughter Ashley

We enjoy our dogs, and they are a lot of company. They also are our protectors and because they look fierce, we believe they scare off problems that may be around the corner.

My husband Robert at "Musings by Robert," recently wrote a blog about dogs and pets going to heaven??? 

Do they?

Who can actually prove it without going to heaven to see? But we do know that the Bible tells us that in the Millennium the lion and the lamb will lie down together. That tells us that some animals will be there.

My sister in Law always called her animals “Christian pets.” Just like babies who die and go to heaven because they don’t understand to make a decision; she felt her animals fit that category and would be there to meet her when she arrives at heavens gate.

I kind of believe that way too!!


  1. Thanks for your comment the other day on my blog. I hadn't got back to see any new replies, until now. Like you, I'm a senior citizen (though just a few years younger than you are). You seem to have more "pep" than I do, however. But we are both trusting in Jesus to make a way for us. Praise the Lord for that! How could we ever live without him?

  2. Hazel -- I love when you write about these guys. They sound like great fun. I think Tilly would like one of the duck toys from Wal-Mart. I'll have to check that out the next time I'm there. She'll need to have it for a limited time, too, though. I have a toy doughnut with the stuffing hanging out to prove it!


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