Sunday, June 12, 2011

I was 17 and then

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I am a romantic and always thrill at an amazing true love story as several of my Blogger friends have recently posted. So many parallels when I view other lives that God has orchestrated their finding a mate.  I am so very happy for those who have found each other perhaps later in life, and also for those who discovered love a second or even a third time.   I share here my story of when Robert and I found each other.

I was 17 and was volunteering to work in the craft department of the Vacation Bible School our church was hosting. We were assigned the kitchen which contained a nice large window viewing the neighbor’s yard.

Through that window I first saw my darling Robert and thought to myself - - such a handsome fellow. One of the boys in our craft class, said, “That is my brother.”

Following the Vacation Bible School, the church held a revival with a fiery evangelist who preached hell fire and brimstone until all the sinners came to the alter to receive Jesus.

Many of the families of the children who came to the VBS were there at the revival. Robert’s family attended also. At the call for repentance, his mother dug her elbow deep into his ribs and up he went to the front to receive the Lord.

The family became regular attendees to the church and often on Sunday my brother invited Robert to have Sunday dinner with us at our home. Ha !!

As winter rolled around a couple from our church invited me, their sister my age, and Robert for a snow trip to Yosemite. We met at the couple’s house, and Bob found a place on the living room floor to sleep.

Most of us didn’t get much rest, and the guys talked several hours. Robert was on his stomach, with his arms cradling his chin and his arm muscles from his hard work at his job, showing beneath his white tee shirt.

Zing, ping went my 17 year old heart strings.

We girls went into another room to giggle and chat. Our hostess friend confided that she had already asked Robert, "which of the girls do you like best, the brunette or the blond?"

He had told her that he liked the blond best. That was me, and I was pleased!

Soon after that we began to date and when I turned 18 we married. I believe it is until death do us part and it has been all of that so far, for all these many years.

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  1. Wow, Hazel - thanks for the shoutout! And to put me in a list with Ann Voskamp is nothing short of astounding. Thank you! Loved your story too, completely with the zinging heart strings!

  2. I love a good love story too, Hazel! And yours is so sweet. Doesn't it make you heart go "zing, ping" to remember? Remembering is good for the heart, I think. Love to you!

  3. Retelling our stories is indeed good for our hearts...and for the younger generations to hear.

  4. What a wonderful love story. I love a good love story that still is going.. with much more to come Im sure. Thank you for sharing your love with us.


  5. What a sweet remembrance. So encouraging to hear these stories!

  6. Hazel, your story is so beautiful! Thank you for your sweet words on my blog!

  7. Oh, Hazel, what a jewel of a post to share with us in the faith jam! You got me giggling with you at the end too. What a romantic story -- I hope you children get to read it too. What blessing to have parents who are still in love with each other. Blessings to you & your Robert! Thank you for adding your beautiful story of finding true love at 17.


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