Monday, June 13, 2011

Temporary Home

 image courtesy PhotoBucket


Prepared just for you a place to rest,
Warm and furnished with all you need,
A helper to watch over and share the best,
Someone to love you, to instruct and to lead.

Your dwelling place shall enlarge through time,
Reaching out to others as together you find your way,
The path is long and hard but do not despair,
Night is coming soon, so work while it is day.

Your house is waxing old and in need of repair,
The foundation strong is holding and time will tell
A teacher invites you to accept the Savior,
He comes to stay with you in your home as well

Temporary living quarters has served for today,
A day with God is as a thousand years,
Tomorrow is in God’s hands for who can say,
And when you are gone, He will wipe away the tears.

Rejoice, for your dwelling place prepared by Him,
Was only temporary while on earth you dwelt there,
The Home that is waiting for you will be forever,
His arms will keep you always in His loving care.

image courtesy PhotoBucket
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  1. "The Home that is waiting for you will be forever,
    His arms will keep you always in His loving care."


  2. work while it is day...
    good words.

  3. Very lovely poem, Hazel. I loved it. Blessings to you!

  4. Ma'am, that sure is pretty. I really like not only the blending sounds of "repair" and "Saviour," but the meaning behind those words.

    It was a pleasure having you over today...


  5. And what waits for us is infinitely better than anything we can imagine. Lovely, Hazel.

  6. This is absolutely awesome! What a blessing the words God put into your heart for me to share today...Thank you


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