Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hydrangeas in Bloom

Thrusting my entire arm deep into my large hydrangea bush, I broke the stem of the huge flower that I wanted to bring into my home.

There was no thought in mind to wear gloves as I reached for my lovely flowers.

They were so beautiful to view as I walked around our mobile, but they would also be a pleasure to enjoy in a vase in my kitchen.

The more you picked them the more they grew and blossomed, so I was doing the right thing - - -

Almost - - I should have worn a long sleeved shirt and gloves!!

Alergies have not been my thing since I was a teenager, so the rash that developed on my wrist and back of my hand was a mystery. And a day later on the back of my neck it was all extremely suspicious!

“It looks like Poison Oak to me,” ventured my husband.

Yes, I remembered him telling me there were some Poison Oak plants starting to come up here and there in our yard, and he was going to spray in a day or two.

However I had been very careful not to disturb anything that looked like poison to me.

“Put some Cortisone on it and it will help,” advised my husband.

I knew better from experience that all the expensive prescription ointments and creams purchased prior had never helped in the past. To please him I did try some Hydrocortisone and also tried some Neosporin. The redness continued as did the irritating itch.

Home remedies of soda and vinegar helped some, but it looks like it may simply need to run its ugly course.

One thing that caused me to be sad is; that my Hydrangea bush looks so distressed because I am afraid to approach it and pick its blooms.

My husband offers more condolence and suggests, “You probably got it off the dogs, as I notice they are scratching a lot lately.”

What ever the cause, I got too close to something that got on me!  What is the remedy?  Is there one??

That is the way it is with sin in this world. It is wise to not get too close lest it get on and in you! “Only this one time,” is not a good answer.

It is wise to choose carefully your companions and where you hang out.  Once infected, only one remedy will wash it all away.   And that my dear friend is the precious blood of Jesus.

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  1. Your hydrangea is so beautiful! I've had one for a couple years but I cannot get it to bloom. Hmm. I wonder...could you be allergic to the hydrangea? One thing that helps my itching rashes is toothpaste. Yes, that's right. It especially helps bug bites. I don't know why, but it works.

    Won't work on sin though...:)Love this analogy!


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