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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The High Calling and Why I Joined

When I first viewed the site The High Calling, I questioned to myself, “Is this a group of the “High and Mighty?” I hesitated to get involved.

While I do not consider myself, “Holier than Thou,” I keep reminding myself that I am, “As good as.”

Then why did I feel so threatened about this elite group of writers?  I wondered about each member and who they were as a person.

Was I cautious to join because many had college degrees, and I did not? Was it because many had written a book and I had not?

I suppose yes and no. Then I began to get better acquainted with some of the members by reading their Blog posts and making comments. They began to comment back in return on my posts. I discovered these were real people!

I realized that these High Calling members were bloggers just like me and you, each one telling their stories in their own way.

We are all so different and diverse in our approach to writing our chronicles on life, on God and on our work that is set out for us.

After more study and research, I decided, yes I want to join with this Group, who are each one seeking a Revelation from Our “High Calling God!”

Their welcome letter informed me that  is a network consisting of nearly 1000 online writers and bloggers who are interested in conversations about faith and work.

The welcome letter also enlightened me that the vision of THC (The High Calling) is to use new media tools to create opportunities for people to encounter God for the transformation of daily life, work, and the world.

I am a believer in always continuing to learn and in using tools that will help equip others to serve my Lord Jesus Christ.

I could envision that membership in this group of “Blogging Believers” would benefit me, and you, and other members as well.

Perhaps you too may want to consider joining in with this “High and Mighty Crowd.”

The Pen (internet) is mightier than the sword!!

May we swing the Sword of God’s Word as we place our words that become HIS words - - out into the ether waves.


  1. "Just like with my greeting cards, God showed me that no one else had my perspective so it didn't have to be perfect just do my very best! That didn't mean I could be sloppy and that I didn't have to keep honing my craft. But, I couldn't wait until I obtained perfection to start or else I never would get anything done!"

  2. YOU are a perfect addition to The High Calling! We are better because you've decided to share your gifts, your incredible wisdom and love for Him, with our network.


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