Monday, June 27, 2011

House Pets

There are some house pets that you would prefer not to have and we recently had one of those move in on us. How he ever got into the house was a mystery, but there he was!!

It was a tiny lizard, just a small one like the one who lives under my hydrangea bush.

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One of our Labrador dogs has very long hair and we find globs every so often on the rug or in the kitchen. So I reached for what seemed to be a clump of dog hair, and when it quickly moved and skimmed across the room, I screamed quite loudly from the surprise.

Coming to the rescue, my husband helped me move some items in the corner but it scurried even faster into our office and under my desk.

I know the little creature must have been terribly frightened with all the hollering and shouting, “There he is.”

No way would my husband attack and move the stacks of books and paper under my desk, so he did the next best thing. - -  Hubby placed a small saucer of water under my desk and we rested.

The next morning we could see he must have taken a bath and enjoyed the water.  By noon we saw him again, and this time we cornered him under a small stand.

Grabbing a kitchen towel, we cautiously moved the stand while my husband lunged forward and with a sweeping motion caught him in the towel.

Gently my hubby took him out side and re-introduced him to the hydrangea bush.  We were all happy and I know that little guy was too.

In life there are things that happen that catch us by surprise!  Some times we yell and scream and other times we worry and fret and are fearful.

When stuff happens and life is frightful, it is always time to trust in God.

He has not promised us a life of ease with no trouble, but he does promise to be with us in what ever are the circumstances. In time, you may be able to sweep out, that which is bothering you, and enjoy peace again.

You may need to take action and put your elbow to work getting rid of the problem, but God will give you wisdom and strength to get it done.

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  1. I would not have liked finding a lizard in my house either! (At least not one I didn't invite. Come to think of it, I'm probably not allergic to lizards...)

  2. I'm surprised at how cute I find little lizards... if they get too large however... eeeek!

  3. Better a lizard than a snake.

    Growing up in New Orleans, we had lizards all over the yard and fence. They were usually a bright green.

    Great story, Hazel.

  4. I used to keep a big mean carnivorous lizard as a pet. Because someone dumped her. And she wouldn't survive outside. She was a Colombian Black-and-White Tegu.

    It was very thoughtful of your little houseguest to avail himself of the bath you prepared :)

  5. "When stuff happens and life is frightful, it is always time to trust in God." How I love that our GOD is never surprised by anything!

    Sheila...when one of my sons was a teen, he had an iguana....but a Tegu??!! Brave lady:)

    All for GOD,

  6. Times like that are when I'm glad my second son is an animal lover. He'll catch just about any critter that wonders into our house. :)

    I loved the little bath you left out for it. That was cute!

  7. Sometimes those "little" challenges are the most challenging. Your story reminded me of when we had a field mouse running up and down a set of antique drawers and peeking out at us through the cracks -- what a time we had getting rid of that "pet"! Thanks for the story, Hazel

  8. I love every critter, even lizards! In fact, my 70lb Sulcata tortoise even comes inside at times looking for me. I love him but hate the size of the messes he leaves, and he is hard to pick up and take him out.
    I also love the bath. I thin we would get along ;)

  9. Stopping by at the pet carnival and enjoyed your story. When our children were growing up we had two cats. I remember the day when they had cornered a mouse in our foyer. When we tried to catch it it scurried away.

    Our cat was staring at a shoe in the corner and when my husband picked up the shoe the mouse's head popped up. My calm husband jumped!


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